8 Incredible Beyond Cast Moments You Missed This Week

Check out all the best highlights from the New York Comic Con!

1. Burkely headed off to the New York Comic Con!

Goodbye Vancouver, here I come NYC!! #newyorkcomiccon #nyc #earlymornings #waitingformyflightpic #✈️

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2. And held an absolutely incredible panel about the show!

Our awesome panel. 😎 #Beyond #BeyondNYCC

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3. Dilan treated us with a beautiful Sunday selfie.

#SundaySelfie 🍎

A photo posted by Dilan Gwyn (@dilangwyn) on

4. Seriously -- how beautiful IS this girl?

A photo posted by Dilan Gwyn (@dilangwyn) on

5. Romy took to the skies and went hang gliding!

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's me over the weekend. Flying through the air is FUN

A photo posted by Romy Rosemont (@romyrosemont) on

6. She also posted a suggestion of what to get her for her upcoming birthday!

My birthday is coming up if anyone's wondering what to get me

A photo posted by Romy Rosemont (@romyrosemont) on

No excuses now guys.

7. Jonathan's reflection was trapped in this mirror.


A photo posted by Jonathan Whitesell (@jonwhitesell) on

It is still there to this very day.

8. Burkely stumbled across a familiar face while at NYCC.

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S1 E1 Pilot

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S1 E2 Tempus Fugit

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S1 E3 Ties That Bind

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S1 E4 The Man in the Yellow Jacket

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S1 E5 Fancy Meeting You Here

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S1 E6 Celeste

Beyond - Celeste - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E7 The Hour of the Wolf

Beyond - The Hour of the Wolf - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E8 Last Action Hero

Beyond - Last Action Hero - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E9 Out of Darkness

Beyond - Out of Darkness - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E10 Into the Light

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