Check Out How Much The Main Characters Changed In 12 Years!

12 years is a long time.

1. Holden

Not only has Holden changed, but he has to deal with all the massive changes around him too!

2. Luke

Although he's still just as adorable!

3. Diane

We LOVE her short hair.

4. Tom

He's turned into a silver fox.

5. Kevin

He's matured so much - he's now married AND has a baby on the way!

Who do you think has changed the most?

Let us know in the comments below!


S1 E1 Pilot

Beyond - Pilot - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E2 Tempus Fugit

Beyond - Tempus Fugit - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E3 Ties That Bind

Beyond - Ties That Bind - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E4 The Man in the Yellow Jacket

Beyond - The Man in the Yellow Jacket - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E5 Fancy Meeting You Here

Beyond - Fancy Meeting You Here - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E6 Celeste

Beyond - Celeste - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E7 The Hour of the Wolf

Beyond - The Hour of the Wolf - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E8 Last Action Hero

Beyond - Last Action Hero - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E9 Out of Darkness

Beyond - Out of Darkness - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E10 Into the Light

Beyond - Into the Light - Watch Now Thumb

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