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These tunes are so good.

Episode 1

We can hear 'To The Top' by Twin Shadow as Holden rides his motorbike into the sunset! Want to hear some more? Click here!

'Your Magazines' by Brain Tan plays in the background while Holden meets Willa for the first time. Although, is it really the first time?

'Hurdy Gurdy Man' by Donovan rocks out in the bar where Holden meets Kevin. Need some more info? Click here!

Episode 2

'Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser Gott' by Session Musicians plays in the church that Holden attends with Luke and his mom.

'South' by Hippo Campus blasts as Holden takes off on his motorbike for the first time in 12 years. Would you love to hear more? Click here!

'My Addiction' by B Fox is blasted at the house party that Luke and Holden attend.

'LOVEYALONGTIME' by Saffarex is playing in the background when Riley introduces Holden to Jamie.

'Smack That Booty' by Altr Egos can be heard as Holden plays his first ever game of 'Around The World'. Click here if you'd love to know more about this song!

'Edge of Tomorrow' by the The Prototypes plays as Holden and Jamie make out. ❤️️

'Ascension' by Christian Cambas plays as a panicked Holden races through the party.

'Dog Fight' by Relfecktor plays while Luke asks Riley if she has seen Holden.

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S1 E1 Pilot

Beyond - Pilot - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E2 Tempus Fugit

Beyond - Tempus Fugit - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E3 Ties That Bind

Beyond - Ties That Bind - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E4 The Man in the Yellow Jacket

Beyond - The Man in the Yellow Jacket - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E5 Fancy Meeting You Here

Beyond - Fancy Meeting You Here - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E6 Celeste

Beyond - Celeste - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E7 The Hour of the Wolf

Beyond - The Hour of the Wolf - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E8 Last Action Hero

Beyond - Last Action Hero - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E9 Out of Darkness

Beyond - Out of Darkness - Watch Now Thumb

S1 E10 Into the Light

Beyond - Into the Light - Watch Now Thumb

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